Re Covid 19

Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol

Dear Students,

Following the governments directive we have decided to temporarily close the classes until we are able to resume them which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

Having your interest at heart it is important to maintain an element of fitness, as at any age, if you don’t use it, you will lose it, a common phrase but very true. The rate of muscle atrophy from disuse (10-42 days) is approximately 0.5–0.6% of total muscle mass per day although there is considerable variation between people. The elderly are the most vulnerable to dramatic muscle loss with immobility.

Many students may be unsure of their ability either to remember the order or some of the exercises, this is natural as it does take many years of practice to do this. But, let me assure you the body will remember the route it has to take, if you start the movements with confidence. You will also find on this website videos and photographs that may help you, particularly with the preparatory exercises. There are sections of the form also, but I’ll emphasise please do not copy moves you haven’t been instructed in, there is a very good practical reason for this.

This is an ideal opportunity to begin a home practise routine to highlight questions that you didn’t know you needed to ask, it is so easy to follow others and forget to take the exercise home with you, meaning practise them immediately when you get home.

Please everyone follow the Governments Social Distancing guide lines and stay healthy.

Remember you can contact me at anytime on 07713 462556 for Tai Ji Quan advice.

I will still be offering my private lessons to those who would like them.

Best wishes

David SiFu