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Dragon Dao Yin Exercise Workshop

Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol

It is remarkable that students at these workshops work as hard as they do extending their knowledge to enhance their ability creating greater flexibility throughout. It was a great day and I was truly amazed at the results.  The feedback was so positive and encourages the senior members to work with vigour on the future.

Below is a couple of paragraphs of an insert for that workshop to give some idea of good posture and how important it is.      

To have good posture, it is necessary to be skilled in the use of the mechanism for projecting action patterns, to have a good configuration of the body segments and a coordinated smooth control of the muscles.  A clear definition of the term posture helps in understanding the whole problem of good and bad posture.  

The common association of good posture with poise – that is, mental or emotional tranquility – is in fact an excellent criterion of good posture.  Neither excessive muscular tension nor emotional intensity is compatible with good posture.  Good posture means acting fast but without hurry; hurry means generally heightened activity that results not in fast action, but only increased muscular contraction.


Workshop Dates for 2018

Come September after the Residential future dates will be shown on the Information page to encourage students to forward plan their Tai Ji Quan journey.

For more information contact David S-Miller, Mobile 07713462556 Website;