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Wu De Code (Ze)

Tai Ji Quan Yi Symbol
Wu De Code (Ze)

All martial art classes have a code of conduct, this is a traditional aspect which is an important part of any Martial Art school (xue) to acknowledge.

  • Honour your Teacher
  • Treat your fellow students as brother/sister and show respect for one another
  • Always maintain humility, be considerate and kind to those less fortunate
  • Approach learning with an empty cup
  • Lead by example and always be courteous
  • Trust your teachers judgement as long as they remain your teacher
  • Remember that teachers are human and will make mistakes
  • View criticism as opportunity to grow and never openly criticise your teacher
  • Take pride in your school, your fellows, your self
  • Two person training is an opportunity to discipline your ego
  • Intimidation of others in training is low level
  • Perseverance and tenacity is a sign of strength, never give up
  • Cleanliness shows you honour yourself by example
  • Do not be greedy for information and practice that which your teacher shows you
  • Always address & introduce your teacher with their title as a sign of respect
  • Bowing or saluting to your teacher and fellows is a sign of respect and gratitude
  • Never debate the cost of instruction.  Always pay on time
  • Try not to be late for class or leave early without explanation
  • Senior students are responsible for their juniors understanding of these ethics
  • If it is within your power to save those less fortunate than yourself from abuse of any kind do so
  • When going to study with other teachers first ask permission
  • Ensure you pay other teachers honorably or give them some tribute, a red envelope is a traditional method of conveyance
  • Never wear any symbol of rank to another school and bow when entering
  • If studying with a guest teacher always open doors for them, address them with respect, pay for their meals etc.
  • When eating with your seniors always allow them to start first, ensure their tea cup is always full, and allow them the seat of honour
  • If in doubt defer to your teacher, let them guide you
  • Clean up after your teacher or seniors as a sign of respect
  • Don’t be afraid to let your teacher see your inner character, if you follow this code you will earn their respect
  • Understand that other traditions may have additional points of etiquette for you to follow, as long as they generally agree with the above it will honour you to observe them
  • Be honest and loyal to your teacher, your fellows, and your school