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The Art of Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Classes in Hertfordshire and Essex

Are you interested in learning the Art of Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan)?

A quick resume follows; we instruct the Art of Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) in the traditional style of the Yang Family Long Form.

SiFu or ShiFu, David S. Miller, has over 30 years experience of Tai Ji Quan, teaching Tai Ji classes and descends from a lineage to be proud of.

All instructors have coaching qualifications obtained through the BCCMA (British Council for Chinese Martial Arts) and all have in excess of 16 years experience of Tai Ji Quan practice and the teaching of Tai Ji Classes.

We have a full curriculum to suit the most fastidious of students who wish to achieve a deep understanding of this celebrated form with its extended-lasting health benefits.


Tai Ji Quan Yi (Tai Chi Chuan) Symbol
Tai Ji Quan Yi (Tai Chi Chuan) Symbol

Art of Tai Ji Quan and COVID-19

Due to Covid 19, we have adapted various ways to deliver and teach students through these uncertain times. For example, we now offer online and in-person sessions suitable for beginners and experienced students. 

With the constant changes we have had to evolve with, our group can offer stability and reliability. Our teachings emphasise the importance of preserving and cultivating good health and overall fitness levels to help enrich one’s wellbeing and state of mind.

The nature of Covid 19 is to attack the respiratory system, coupled with the varying degrees of symptoms.  ATJQ will teach one to primarily learn how to breathe correctly, something we all do naturally. However, if disease disrupts the natural flow and rhythm of one’s cycle of breath, this may cause much discomfort and anxiety.

We teach ancient healing breathing exercises such as Qigong incorporating Dao Yin and Eight Pieces of Brocade as well as preparatory exercises (encompassing mindfulness), specific walking exercises, Slow Form, Small Circle set, Double Edge Sword (Jian), Rattan Whip, Dao (Sword). This forms the basis, but we also instruct the Ball, Bang and Ruler to more advanced students.

These excellent exercises apply one’s consciousness with breathing and movements. As a result, the body and mind become calmer, more robust, and balance the emotions and the functions of internal organs. The roots of these exercises originate from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The focus and intention are applied towards acupuncture meridians or channel pathways. Along these pathways are acupuncture points which can stimulate a natural healing response to promote homeostasis.

We encourage gentle exercise, and the benefits can be subtle. The stimulation and scale of internal and external changes can be diverse. Directing one’s awareness to change and transitions of inner and personal development is a rewarding and lifelong journey.

We know the benefits are real but there are five essentials to address during your Tai Ji Quan journey. Perseverance, Patience, Humility, Respect and Belief. These are essential to mastering any art or anything worth achieving.

If you like a challenge that will test every part of you then Tai Ji Quan could be for you, please give me a call or use our contact form to send me a message, you have nothing to lose.

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